Safer’s Tips & Tricks to Optimizing 9 Favourite FME Transformers

The FME Transformer Gallery is vast, with over 500 different options to choose from. Often, knowing how to best make use of certain transformers can be a challenge. Our panel of support specialists will be taking you through their insider tips & tricks with their favourite transformers.

  • Natalie, the Creator: For when you just need that certain something to initialize an API call or test a workflow and take your workspaces to the next level.
  • Dan, the FeatureReader: Get more in-depth with your data reading. Flexible and dynamic workflows are about to become that much easier.
  • Trent, the AttributeRemove & Attribute Keeper : A 2-for-1 special with the trick to deciding when to use one versus the other to save you the most time.
  • Chris, the AttributeManager: Ever wonder what it takes to be ranked the #1 FME transformer? Learn how this transformer, commonly referred to as the Swiss Army knife of transformers, is loaded with great features to help you simplify your workspace.
  • Jovita, the AttributeFilter: For all those times when you want to split up your data into a schema that fits your needs, whether you’re at the start of your workflow, or just about to write out at the end.
  • Nampreet, the FeatureMerger: An atypical, but useful, tip on how to use it to merge attributes without a common key attribute.
  • Debbi, the Counter: Not as simple as 1-2-3! Use this surprisingly versatile transformer to perform group counts and even count features at different parts of workspaces.
  • Evie, the Clipper: Clip anything from vector, rasters, and even point clouds. A simple trick of breaking down large datasets can drastically reduce memory usage when clipping!

Don’t miss the chance to join us and whip your data into shape(files) with these 9 fantastic FME transformers.

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Broadcast on March 22nd, 2023

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Christian Berger
Dan Minney
Debbi Leung
Nampreet Singh
Trent Kading
Jovita Chan
Natalie Clouthier
Evie Lapalme