Ask Me Anything Live: Spatial Data Integration

Spatial data is readily available, and companies worldwide are increasingly taking advantage. Whether you're working with CAD, GIS, BIM, raster, or LiDAR data, businesses that utilize spatial data can make better decisions for their bottom line and the customers they serve.

To accomplish all of this, data needs to be shared across teams and systems. Removing data silos can be challenging, especially when addressing the complexities of spatial data.

In this "Ask Me Anything" webinar with spatial data integration experts Dave Campanas, and Mark Stoakes, you can ask–well, anything–about spatial data:

  • How you can leverage spatial data
  • Best practices for overcoming challenges like transforming data into open standards
  • And of course, any specific questions on optimizing your data integration workflows in FME: best transformers to use for your workflow, how to make your workspaces more efficient, what tutorials to start with, etc.

You'll also be joined by Safe Software Co-Founders, Don Murray, and Dale Lutz who can provide insights into the state of the industry. Between the four presenters, that’s over 100 years of experience in working with spatial data!

Prerequisite: In this webinar, we’ll go straight into the details to answer your questions, so coming in with a basic understanding of spatial data concepts and FME will ensure you can follow along.

Webinar Details

Broadcast on November 5th, 2020

Dale Lutz
Don Murray
Mark Stoakes
Dave Campanas