FME Workflow Management 2016

Audience / Prerequisites

This course is designed for proficient users of FME Desktop and FME Server.

It assumes a good familiarity with the concepts and practices of FME; at least those covered by the FME Desktop tutorials, and preferably the FME Desktop Basic Training Courseand FME Server Authoring Course.


This course focuses on the different ways that an FME translation can be performed; from the command line, from another workspace, from another application, etc. The course employs a "teach-try-practice" technique, where each concept is explained, attendees get to try the related functionality, and a final exercise reinforces use of the product.

Learning Objectives

The training materials will consist of selected Knowledge Base articles covering how to:

  • Write data midstream to enable further processing after writing
  • Run FME from other applications
  • Batch process data using a variety of methods
  • Use the WorkspaceRunner to run multiple workspaces
  • Monitor a folder for files to translate automatically