FME Server Authoring 2021.1


This course is a key course for FME users intending to author workspaces for use on FME Server. Through hands on exercises, learn the advanced skills, knowledge and terminology that users need to know in order to produce workspaces optimized for FME Server. The training will introduce basic concepts and terminology, help you become an efficient FME Server user, and direct you to resources to help apply the product to your own needs.

The course is made up of six main sections. These sections are:

  • Introduction to FME Server
  • FME Server and Data Handling
  • Self-Serve Basics
  • Real-Time with FME Server
  • Real-Time Message Handling
Learning Objectives
  • Produce workspaces optimized for FME Server
  • Author a variety of FME Server Services
  • Automate workspaces using FME Server
  • Create notifications
  • Group components using FME Server Projects

This course is designed for proficient users of FME, intending to create FME Server-based solutions. It is a key part of FME Server training for workspace authors. It assumes a good familiarity with the concepts and practices of FME; at least those covered by the FME Desktop and FME Server tutorials, and preferably the FME Desktop Basic Training Course.