FME Desktop Basic 2022.1


Learn FME from the experts. This training builds a strong foundation for using FME Form, including extensive hands-on problem-solving exercises. The training will introduce basic concepts and terminology, help you become an efficient user of FME, and direct you to resources to help apply the product to your needs.

The course comprises 10 sections:

  • Why Data Integration?
  • Connect To Data
  • Transform Data
  • Create and Modify Attributes
  • Filter Data
  • Design Workspaces for Advanced Reading and Writing
  • Use Conditional Values
  • Join Tables
  • Document Your Workspace
  • Debug Workspaces
Learning Objectives
  • Build complex translations using FME Workbench
  • View and inspect data using the FME Data Inspector
  • Apply best practices to large workspaces
  • Manipulate data geometry and attributes with transformers
  • Work with multiple datasets in a single workspace
  • Create low-maintenance, reusable workspaces