Connect Your Data (Even Geospatial!) to Snowflake


In this free two-day training course, you will learn to connect your data to Snowflake, the modern data platform built for the cloud. Create data integration workflows to read and write data to Snowflake. Discover how to efficiently convert hundreds of data sources, including geospatial data, into formats supported by Snowflake. See how to write to an existing schema. Best of all? We'll show you both no-code and SQL-based solutions.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn how to get your data in and out of Snowflake, with or without SQL.
  • Read and write geospatial data using Snowflake’s GEOGRAPHY data type.
  • Enrich and optimize your Snowflake data integration workflows with native spatial filters.

We will provide a free FME training license for the duration of the course. The course will also require access to Snowflake. You can use your own Standard edition instance on the AWS zone, or you can sign up for a free trial. If you plan to use a free trial, please ensure you have not exceeded the 30-day or $400 credit limit. Further details will be provided in advance of the course. You’ll be expected to have some familiarity with FME Desktop and how to make database connections and read and write to databases. Having some SQL knowledge is helpful but not necessary as all SQL Scripts will be provided.