Working Forward: From Data to Location Intelligence for Renewables Siting and Routing

Finding an optimal site for a solar or wind farm or the best route for an energy pipeline or electric transmission requires geographic data. Understanding the geotechnical, environmental, cultural, community, societal, jurisdictional, infrastructural, and climate implications and restrictions to siting and routing requires a deep level of location intelligence about a potential site or route. Location Intelligence is informed by geo-data that is meticulously curated to allow renewable prospectors to bring a site from need to concept to reality. Deploying renewable energy sources is dominating the infrastructural, political, and cultural landscape in North America. This presentation shows the end-to-end path that the data takes from the source, through the system, into the Pivvot Platform, to the reality of building a viable renewable site or energy pipeline and how FME is instrumental to that process almost every step of the way.
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Peter Veenstra

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The Peak of Data Integration 2023