Voice Activated Automation

"Hey Google, update my datasets and show the last 24 hours of activity."

Boosting productivity via automated workflows is what FME is about and voice-commands can push that productivity to the next level. This presentation will talk about the methods and possible applications of a voice activated FME job.

The history behind me starting this project was because I asked myself ""Wouldn't it be funny if I could use my google home to update my seismic datasets?"" I then set out to create a workflow that pushed voice commands with arguments to an FME job via a .bat file, and the final product turned out great. I have shown it to plenty of people in multiple industries, and each has given me an example of how something like this could increase productivity in their work.

After watching this presentation, you will see how easy it is to set up this workflow. I hope to inspire you to implement this into your own workflows in your respective industries."
Presentation Details

William Lyle

Presenter Company:
Texas A&M University - College Station

FME World Tour 2020