Having Trouble Learning or Teaching FME? How I Helped my Co-op Students Learn and Love FME

How often have you or someone in your company completed the introductory FME courses and then never used them in practice and never really understood FME? We need our co-op students to learn and apply FME, and we need them to do this in about six weeks. Not only for the work they are expected to do but also so that they have a tool that can help them in their careers. But learning FME is akin to learning math for the first time. So, we needed a way to quickly get the students up to speed. We did this by developing a focused plan that gets the students to learn the basics of FME and then learn and apply what they need to know for their terms at Suncor. This presentation will show what we get the students to do and how it helps them learn FME quickly.
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Alonzo de la Cruz

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FME User Conference 2022