Supporting Situational Awareness at LAX using FME Server

Los Angeles International Airport is a dynamic airport undergoing massive changes to its infrastructure and facilities. Yet, the airport and its employees continue to serve over 60 million passengers a year. Because of these demands, airport operations, maintenance, police, and emergency personnel require accurate and current situational data. LAX uses FME Server to coordinate and automate the collection of disparate GIS data sources into one uniform location. Geospatial data is collected from multiple departments utilizing CAD, GIS, property management, and maintenance management systems. FME server is used to check the data for quality and compatibility then, formats the data into an ArcGIS geodatabase. This database supports the NICE Situator Desktop and Web Application that tracks incidents at the airport from plumbing leaks and fuel spills to police activity and airfield operations. Combining these resources provides LAX management and field user’s powerful data and tools to analyze and respond to incidents throughout the campus. These systems together will support LAX and its employees through its current changes and into the future.
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Michael Sabbatino, AECOM

FME World Tour 2015