Putting Dynamic Engines to Work

With the recent public release of Dynamic Engines, FME has opened up new opportunities for tasks where the bulk of the workbench load in idle network time waiting for responses from remote servers. Last year we deployed a solution for a client that needed to achieve close to live sync of data from 21 remote databases into a centralized cloud data warehouse. Due to the frequency and the number of servers and records being processed to keep the cloud data warehouse "up to date" there was a need to run a number of workbenches in parallel. If this was done using traditional engines the licence costs would have been prohibitive and each engine would have spent most of its time ilde and unused. This talk will discuss the cost savings seen by the customer, how dynamic engines improves data availability and looks at 30 days worth of aggregated workbench execution history constituting over 18,000 individual jobs completed. Dynamic Engines were essential to the success of this project and are likely to extend the lifespan of the deployed solution by keeping it cost competitive.
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Jonathan Stanger

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Spatial Partners

FME World Tour 2022