North Sea Transition Authority: Using FME to Regulate and Influence in the Energy Transition

At the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) we regulate and influence the oil, gas and carbon storage industries. We help drive North Sea energy transition, realising the significant potential of the UK Continental Shelf as a critical energy and carbon abatement resource. We hold industry to account on halving upstream emissions by 2030, working with government, industry and other regulators to accelerate the move to net zero while meeting the UK’s energy demand and security. We aim to be a value creator in everything we do, encouraging and enabling economic benefit and job creation across the UK. We drive greater efficiency through inclusive leadership, data, analysis, stewardship and the use of our powers. Digital and data has a central role in the NSTA, which has been underpinned by our digital people, skills and platform. The NSTA use FME (Desktop and Server) to power its digital platform with updates to APIs that reach thousands of users every month and automating the quality checking of regulatory data submissions from 50+ distinct industry organisations. In our session we’ll appeal to you whether you’re focussed on business benefits, or more comfortable with the technical aspects of a project, because we’ll highlight the power that FME gives to NSTA and highlight why we can’t now do without it! We’ll then dive into the detail, with some specific examples of a few of our key production FME workspaces, and the transformers that add us our “special sauce”. These workspaces collate and quality check the submission of offshore infrastructure datasets, datasets which have been identified as holding key information for the UK energy transition. FME is one of the key tools to facilitate our digital future and we’d like to show you how.
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Bee Smith, Peter Birch, Oliver Morris

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North Sea Transition Authority, Tensing

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