Measuring Bus and Bus-Passenger Travel by Road Segment

A transportation system is not just the sum of its parts but also how and where those parts interact with one another. Measuring the effectiveness of that interaction contributes to everything from understanding the overall system to analyzing key components at the most disaggregate level of the system possible – in this case, the segments of roadway between stops. This presentation will show how analysts at TransLink developed a new foundational dataset by combining three existing datasets: Compass travel, the road network, and our bus location data. The emphasis will be on the FME process where data was pulled from multiple sources/types, assets/services were snapped and aligned, and the spatial relationship between assets and services were analyzed to produce the final output deliverables.
Presentation Details

Susanne Bell

Co Presenter:
Graeme Brown

Presenter Company:
TransLink (South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority)

FME World Tour 2019