Keeping Your BIM Data in Control!

At Cadac Group we believe in collaboration. Collaboration is crucial in the construction business. The construction business is characterized by the many parties that all have to work together, but ultimately also have to look after their own interests. That is why it is crucial that these parties make clear agreements about how they handle data. Aligning the data with BIM standards (ILS, NL-SfB, …) will ensure a smooth collaboration, but then validation processes are desirable to maintain the correct use of these standards. Cadac also collaborates. Together with Nordend they have created the solution Cadac Control. A solution that uses FME as a validation engine and Cadac Connect that connects the most common data environments to this validation service. Environments such as SharePoint and the Construction Cloud Validating BIM models is time consuming. With Cadac Control validating BIM has never been more easy. This time consuming activity is now in the past. Cadac Control checks your data immediately as soon as data is enters your work environment. Making sure that incorrect data is sneaking into your process and causes unnecessary costs and loss of time.
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Jasper Wisbecq & Björn Ramaekers

Presenter Company:
Nordend & Cadac Group BV

The Peak of Data Integration 2023