FME, The Tool to Use When Standing Up a New Fiber Utility

We will cover the use of FME technology to interface with survey data in judging pre-enrollment of prospective fiber utility clients, logging and acknowledging enrollment and translation to marketing efforts for a complete picture of take rate. We will also show how we use FME to translate data to our very complex fiber map schema for use in inspection, construction of the utility, as-built's and final homes passed records of clients after they take service. Overall, FME has been integral in standing up our new utility from start-up to construction, as-built changes all the way to billing our customers. We have multiple FME workbenches as well as FME server processes to show.
Presentation Details

Ryan Smith

Co Presenter:
Sarah Rose

Presenter Company:
Loveland Pulse

FME World Tour 2020

Government (Local)