FME & Power Plants – Synergy in Energy

CEZ Group is one of the leading economic entities in the Czech Republic; furthermore, it operates in Western, Central, and South-Eastern Europe. The main subject of CEZ business endeavours is generation, distribution, trading, and sale of electricity and heat; trading and sale of natural gas; provision of comprehensive energy services from the new energy sector, and coal mining. CEZ Group is one of the ten largest energy companies in Europe, with more than 3.5 million customers and about 28,000 employees. Arkance Systems group is one of the major CAx, BIM, GIS providers in Europe, with solutions based mainly on Autodesk technologies. We are also a service partner of Safe Software and CEZ group is one of our biggest customers. Big companies such as CEZ need strong and adaptable IT backgrounds. There are many information systems which are operated inside of the whole group (ERP, GIS, etc.). There are many challenges connected to the wide spectre of IT systems – the biggest one is – How to integrate data between these systems? Our presentation will give you insight into how FME platform can build bridges between various IT systems and how FME can fit on workflows inside of big group too. As an example we can mention: - External MS Sharepoint application which uses FME platform in the background for validation of incoming documentation, - Integration between two internal applications for collecting data from surveys, - Self-serve usage of FME platform inside of CEZ group – customized application galleries of FME Server - and so on.
Presentation Details

Lubomír Lazar, Jan Zdebor, Jan Albert

Presenter Company:
Arkance Systems CZ / CEZ a.s

The Peak of Data Integration 2023