FME - Integration Tool for All Your Data

As many of you know, FME is a phenomenal data tool that allows (especially) spatial data to be modified to suit all your requirements! This session will cover the various explanations, methods and solutions we have gathered through many years of working with data and FME. The main focus of this session is how we all started with some specific problem that resulted in a solution in the form of a single workbench. Then, as the years passed by, you came to a situation where you are constantly improving and expanding the scope of FMEs impact on your daily job. In the end, you have established a medium or high-level system that constantly raises your productivity and brings significant savings in time and other resources, without loss of quality. We want to bring you closer and clarify, even though it all started with one simple workbench, how to make the most of FME all that to reach full potential of your data within your entire organization or company (and possibly beyond).
Presentation Details

Želimir Župljanin

Co Presenter:
Martin Martić

Presenter Company:
Multisoft d.o.o

FME World Fair 2021

Government (Local)