FME Improving Public Services one Transformer at a Time

Waterford City and County Council are using FME to improve business processes significantly. This has resulted in smarter working methods, using mobile technology, moving to paperless offices and implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Through staff engagement and detailed knowledge of the capabilities of FME, these changes have been universally adopted, and a new way of utilizing FME has evolved. Increased efficiencies and time savings have also been achieved by putting the customer first and focussing solely on their needs. One of the examples presents how FME was used to improve the processing of planning applications by producing a standardized draft planners report, which incorporates the systematic analysis of constraint information. The new on-demand FME server solution has resulted in the vast majority of wasteful activities, such as copying and pasting text and gathering information, being removed from parts of the Planning Application process. Planners spend 45% more of their time on value-adding activities and time savings of 41%+. Waterford City and County Council is the Local Government body responsible for delivering public services to the City and County of Waterford, Republic of Ireland.
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Jon Hawkins

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Waterford City and County Council

FME User Conference 2022