FME Governance: Start on the Right Foot with a Simple Self-Assessment

As the use of FME and FME Server technology grows, often beyond GIS, it becomes critical to structure its deployment so that it can be integrated into the IT and business strategy in an efficient, secure and cost-effective way. As such, an FME Governance plan is essential to achieve this. But how do you define those governance rules, establish standards and make the best decisions regarding its architecture? First, you need to know where you stand! And probably, your business constraints don't give you the luxury of months of in-depth analysis to get there. In 20 years of working with clients on FME technology, Consortech has developed a proven methodology for a quick and easy assessment. In this presentation, we will walk you through the basics based on three pillars: technology, people and practices. You will leave with a checklist on how to conduct your own assessment to answer the following questions: What role does FME currently play in my organization? Are our Workspaces and automations optimal? Is the administration and monitoring of FME Server secure and efficient? What skills could my organization improve on? Does my FME Server environment stand up against best practices? How can I ensure the long-term sustainability of my FME platform? If expanding FME is part of your strategy, this presentation and its associated checklist will be your best starting point towards effective FME Governance and geospatial performance!
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Lesley MacKenzie & Théo Drogo

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The Peak of Data Integration 2023