Everything is Not Fair Without FME at the Data Fair!

From daily commute to work, holiday planning, emergency response, disaster preparedness, strategic planning to COVID-19, data is used everywhere. The power of data is of more important than ever for businesses of this age. From too little data, we are moving towards too much data as well as too many data. Data saturation is everywhere. Humans always believe that more is better; which is not the case in the data world. Just like the COVID-19 pandemic plaguing the medical world, infobesity (information overload) has been plaguing the data world ever since there has been information and data explosion. “Everything is fair in love and war” but not in the data world. In the data world, one needs the right quality and quantity of data to handle infobesity. With FME’s ability to validate, convert, integrate, transform and share during any data-handling task whether it is a simple conversion or complex data transformation, signifies that everything is not fair without FME at the data fair! This unique session focusses on the importance of using FME as the means to achieve data interoperability.
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Raghavendran S

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FME World Fair 2021