Embracing the Dynamic Mindset: Reinventing ProRail's Data Processing Using FME

This presentation will showcase a significant FME project undertaken by ProRail, one of the largest FME users in the Netherlands. The GaaS project, also known as Geoprocessing as a Service, has completely overhauled the outdated GeoPoort process, which is responsible for managing and maintaining data related to the Dutch tracks (e.g. track assets), and making it accessible to the ProRail organization and other stakeholders. Using FME as the backbone of the project, the new solution resulted in a more generic and modular process, resulting in a more robust and faster system through the use of dynamic workspaces, custom transformers, and automations. Therefore, leveraging the unique capabilities of the FME Platform.The project also includes the use of Azure DevOps for automatic deployment and OTAP for testing, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. One of the major advantages of the project outcome is the value it holds for efficient life cycle management, by reducing the amount of time and risk involved in upgrading to newer software. The new solution consists of a significantly reduced number of workspaces and the use of custom transformers, leading to improved efficiency and manageability. The presentation aims to provide valuable insights into ProRail's use of FME to revolutionize their data processing needs and the impact of the project on their operations. Attendees will learn about the dynamic capabilities of the FME platform and the use of job orchestration to manage complex dependencies in data processing through automations on FME Server. Additionally, the presentation will identify and discuss several key strategies and tools used by ProRail to ensure the success of the project.
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Cynthia de Vos

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The Peak of Data Integration 2023