ELVIS Version 2: Delivering High Resolution Elevation Data via FME Cloud and Amazon Web Services

Geoscience Australia's Elevation Information System (ELVIS) was originally developed to meet the Commonwealth's requirements to provide easy access to open data under the Elevation and Depth theme of the Foundation Spatial Data Framework. The newest version of the application has been developed collaboratively with the New South Wales Government's Spatial Services to deliver the agencies' elevation data holdings. It differs from the previous version in that it can deliver higher resolution DEMs (to 1 metre) and point clouds. This presentation will detail the architecture and FME workflows that make up the new ELVIS application. More specifically: • Automating index building - including S3 object information harvesting • Interactions between the web application front-end and the FME Cloud back-end • Using Amazon Web Services with FME Cloud to: o Process data stored in S3 o Create notifications via SES o Generate analytics using job details captured in DynamoDB This cloud solution for delivering open elevation data has proven very successful. Significant improvements in efficiency, reliability and cost benefits have been achieved and data deliveries have increased enormously. More data was delivered in the first year of ELVIS than in the previous 8 years combined under the old system!
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Brett Madsen

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FME International User Conference 2017

Government (Federal)