Driving the Where & the What of Your Data

Pivvot utilizes FME at all levels of the data curation and ingestion process. Pivvot is a location intelligence company offering its customers cloud-driven, web-based siting and optimization software. All of the data that drives the Pivvot applications are geo-spatial. The data is derived from public sources and kept ever-green in the database. Understanding and documenting the provenance (Source) and pedigree (timeliness, concurrency) of each of the 500 million rows of data in the Pivvot database requires detailed attention to process and metadata. FME is utilized at all phases of the data curation (research and cleaning), transformation (standardization), and loading into the platform. The applications on the Pivvot platform can provide Pivvot's customers with the latest data they need to decide where to site their renewables projects. None of this would be possible without FME Desktop and FME Cloud. This presentation outlines how Pivvot uses FME to transform the data required to keep the Pivvot applications running.
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Peter Veenstra

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FME User Conference 2022