Creating Minecraft Worlds from Open Data Using FME

Minecraft is a 3D game made completely of blocks. It has no specific objective, which gives players flexibility in the way they want to play it. Its game mode can be creative in which the player focuses on creating block structures or survival in which the player explores the world and gains points. Due to its popularity, Minecraft is nowadays used not only as a video game but also as a tool for education and urban planning. This presentation aims to present a new data service developed by con terra to generate Minecraft worlds. Minecraft World Generation is a service that creates Minecraft worlds from open data. This data service integrates data from OSM and OpenGeodata. The former data source is used to extract features such as trees, streetlamps, or water bodies. With the latter, terrain and buildings are modeled according to DEM and GML, respectively. The data service takes the extension of the selected area as input and delivers the generated Minecraft world as output.
Presentation Details

Ana Oliva Pinilla Pachon

Presenter Company:
con terra GmbH

The Peak of Data Integration 2023