Circus Tricks, Juggling Your Data Challenges with 1Spatial UK

Were going to focus on helping you to tame your data with FME.If manual data processing tasks are getting you down,well show you that you dont need torun away and join the circus,justget FME! Welcome to the 1Spatial hosted FME World Fair event!Aseries of technical workshops to add new skills to your Data Integration toolkit! TheHot Features in FME 2021:Features you might have missed. FME 2021: New features and lets see how they will make life simpler in practice. Check out the (web)hook while FME revolves it: Well take you through the detail of webhooks andshow you them in context. Regular expressions; theyre not regular at all, theyre extraordinary!
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David Eagle

Co Presenter:
Mary O'Brien, Simon Green

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FME World Fair 2021