Taming Our Case Management Database and GIS with FME

With a strong economy and a rapidly growing urban area, Austin attracts considerable development interest. Some of the key indicators of future changes in the built environment include the applications for site plans, subdivisions, and zoning changes which are filed with the City of Austin for approval. Processing this information is vital in understanding changes in land use, and developing strategies to plan for the impacts of incoming development. This presentation will look at how the City of Austin leveraged FME to create a process to automate the creation and publication of geospatial and non-geospatial datasets for applications for site plans, subdivisions and zoning changes to disseminate information to the public as well as other city departments and organizations.
Presentation Details

Paul Frank

Co Presenter:
Surbhi Bakshi

Presenter Company:
City of Austin

FME World Tour 2018

Government (Local)