Automating TRRC T4 with FME and Geocortex

Texas pipeline operators are required to submit operating permits called T4s to the Texas Railroad Commission (TRRC) annually. For any given operator, there could be anywhere between 50 to 100 permits that would require a GIS personnel to manually compare what was submitted and consideration for any changes to the assets since the last submission. Leveraging FME this effort can be made more efficient and accurate. Therefore enabling GIS staff to review FME outputs through a graphical interface such as a Geocortex HTML Viewer or webmap. The FME created package bundles the cover page, a paper map, and a digital export which is ready to be filed with the TRRC. This tool will help to cut down the processing time, deliver a consistent result each time, and allow the GIS staff to accomplish more in the same time period.
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Linda Stewart

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Rosen USA, Inc.

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