Alberta Data Automation for Environmental Models (ADAEM)

Alberta Data Automation for Environmental Models (ADAEM) is being developed by Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) with consulting services and FME expertise provided by Safe Software business partner, Martin Newby Consulting Ltd. (MNC). ADAEM is a GIS-enabled, web-based portal that integrates various FME workspaces with the Alberta Modelling Expert System (MES) of AEP in support of data needs for environmental modelling. ADAEM automates the process of extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) of spatial and non-spatial data sets to support various environmental models. ADAEM will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of environmental modelling in support of integrated resource management in Alberta by deploying a FME solution. This system will eliminate duplication, repetitiveness, laborious, error-prone work related to data preparation. Above all, ADAEM will help maximize the value of modellers by better utilizing their time and expertise in developing model scenarios, analyzing data, and interpreting results rather than preparing data.
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Chiadih Chang

Co Presenter:
William Tober - Martin Newby Consulting (MNC)

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Alberta Environment and Parks

FME World Tour 2019

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