104th Avenue Corridor Plan

The City of Edmonton is now implementing the vision and policies of the Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) for the 104 Avenue Corridor between 111 Street and 123 Street, along the future alignment of the west leg of the Valley LRT line. The first step of the ARP implementation involves rezoning the Corridor to bring land use regulations into alignment with the new policy. The rezoning of the Corridor involves creating a set of unique zones that align with the new policy and respond to current conditions. An analysis of the current conditions was undertaken to provide intelligence that would inform the zones density, height, and floor area ratio. In order to get a better understanding of those conditions analysis was done on land use, existing zoning, building ages, residential tenure, existing dwelling counts and residential density, tax assessed values, and commercial square footage. Each parcels development potential was then measured by allocating a numerical factor to each element and devising a weighted formula. The result was that each parcel was assigned a redevelopment potential factor and thereby providing valuable information to base decision making upon.
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Iris Boettcher

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City of Edmonton

FME World Tour 2016

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