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Join us to discover actionable insights for elevating your airport operations. We've partnered with three airports and contractor teams to share real-world FME applications in airport environments:

In Segment 1, hear from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Axim Geospatial on how FME streamlined the flow of data between their Cityworks Asset Management System and their GIS, enhancing airport staff's experience by reducing manual effort and paperwork duplication.

Segment 2 will take you on Philadelphia International Airport’s geospatial roadmap journey, alongside their Spatial Services group, C&S Companies. Discover how FME is integral in bridging data integration gaps between BIM/CAD/GIS and their asset management platform, overcoming previous hurdles and improving data integration efficiency.

In the final segment, join Woolpert in the exploration of the ETL processes implemented at Orlando International and Fort Lauderdale International airports, facilitating the smooth flow of data between BIM, GIS, and CAD systems. Learn the importance of data standards from firsthand experience with the development of automation processes. They’ll also share the significant time and cost-saving benefits reaped, and discuss future applications of this technology in data QA/QC tasks.

Don’t miss the chance to discover how FME is transforming airport operations, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and reduced operational costs. Register today!



Broadcast on:
Wednesday, December 13, 2023
8:00am-9:00am PST, 11:00am-12:00pm EST
(Check your time zone)

Brian Haren, Atlanta Airport
Posh Supupramai, C&S Companies
Ed Copeland, Woolpert
Thomas Wilson, Axim Geospatial
Don Murray, Safe Software

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