Picnics and Processing Rasters from Satellites, UAVs, and More - FME Summer Camp

Rasters are essential for background maps, spatial analytics, and data visualization. With 54 new GDAL-based formats and new readers, FME 2018 has made anything possible with imagery. Don’t be worried by the large volume of rasters coming in like an army of ants, FME’s automation has you covered.

FME Summer Camp Series

Break out the s’mores and guitars, and join your fellow FME users at camp! Whether you’re new to FME or a seasoned pro, our 1-hour day camp webinars will leave you invigorated and ready to jump off the high dive with FME.

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- PDF Reading and the Data Scavenger Hunt

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Broadcast on August 29th, 2018

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Dean Hintz
Dmitri Bagh