Maximizing Business Efficiency and Reducing Waste with Data Integration

Waterford City and County Council is using FME to improve business processes significantly. Thanks to FME, their planners now spend 47% more of their time on value-adding activities, resulting in time savings of 41%+.
With FME, they now have smarter working methods, mobile technology, paperless offices and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

These changes have been universally adopted for this council, and a new way of using FME has transformed what they are capable of. Join us and special guest speaker Jon Hawkins at Waterford City and County Council to learn how FME was used to:

  • Improve the processing of planning applications with a standardized draft planners report and systematic analysis of constraint information
  • Remove the vast majority of wasteful activities from the Planning Application process: such as copying and pasting text and gathering information

Don’t miss the chance to attend this webinar and learn how to optimize FME to reduce waste and ultimately maximize your business efficiency.

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Broadcast on February 2nd, 2023

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Jon Hawkins, Waterford City and County Council
Dale Lutz, Safe Software