Managing Changing Data: Part 2

The results are in from Managing Changing Data: Part 1 - 90% of attendees wanted another webinar on managing changing data! By using change detection methods in FME, you can operate your business more efficiently, reduce manual effort, and increase productivity.

Previously, we learned how to use the ChangeDetector transformer to compare the current state of the data with the previous state of the data.

In this webinar, we'll review the following three methods and demonstrate how you can use FME to get started:

  • Running a filter against the DATE_MODIFIED column to retrieve rows that were modified.
  • Using database triggers in shadow tables (which keep track of single column change).
  • Storing all changes in a transaction log with transactional databases.

Take control of your data. No matter what type of data you have, or what method you prefer, FME makes working with change easy.

Webinar Details

Broadcast on November 10th, 2020

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Dale Lutz
Mark Ireland
Trent Kading