Leveraging Web APIs for Infrastructure Management using FME

Do you have complex infrastructure data systems that have become a beast to manage, let alone gain valuable insights from? Are you looking to scale your infrastructure data and save time while doing so? Using FME and REST APIs, you can accomplish both of these things and more.

During this two-part webinar, we are going to show you how FME can make this possible through:

  • The power of Autodesk Tandem & REST APIs
  • Integrating API tools with Digital Twins, using Bentley iTwin
  • Leveraging IBM TRIREGA

First, we’ll walk you through an overview of what others have accomplished using these technologies, and what you can too. In the second half, we’ll take a deeper dive into the step-by-step methods using FME to achieve these goals in your organization.

With FME, there is endless opportunity to capture key insights and data-driven decisions within infrastructure management. Join us to see how you can make your data come to life and achieve its full potential.

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Broadcast on November 16th, 2022

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Dave Campanas
Jovita Chan