Hexagonify the World: The Theory and Applications of Uber H3

Imagine having more spatial data than you know what to do with, and yet it holds the key to improving your customer’s experience and your company’s bottom line. That’s the situation that Uber found themselves in, so they created a Hexagonal Hierarchical Spatial Indexing library (called H3) that indexes the world in 16 different levels of resolution as the foundation for solving their challenge.

Fortunately for all of us, Uber open sourced H3 and the upcoming FME 2021.0 release will provide no-code, format agnostic access to its functionality. Join us to learn theory behind H3 directly from Unfolded’s Isaac Brodsky, one of the creators of H3, and see firsthand how you might apply the upcoming FME H3 transformer to solve a variety of real-world, big-data spatial problems.

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Broadcast on February 10th, 2021

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Isaac Brodsky
Dale Lutz
Jovita Chan
Debbi Leung
Dmitri Bagh