From Data to Maps to Docs: Turn Days into Minutes with Automated Integration

Report generation used to take the Valuations Office in Ireland 20 tedious, long hours per report. Now, it's down to just 3 minutes: saving roughly 42,000 hours annually.

In this first of two parts webinar series, join us and special guest Philip Jacob to learn how they made this possible, and how you can capture time savings like this too by converting data using the Mapnik Rasterizer and FME.

To follow Philips' story, Scenario Specialist Dmitri Bagh will walk you through the basics of understanding and getting started with the Mapnik Rasterizer. You'll learn how to generate beautiful raster imagery and save time with FME’s ability to integrate data from 500+ sources.

You’ll also see how to optimize data before it reaches Mapnik -- including the ability to perform a wide range of geometry transformations. And with the MapnikRasterizer transformer, all of this is done with scalable and automated workflows at your fingertips -- no Python, XML or CSS needed.

P.S. Stay tuned in the New Year for the announcement of a second Data Democratization webinar to complete this series: creating Microsoft Word documents with FME.

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Broadcast on December 7th, 2022

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Philip Jacob, Valuation Office Ireland
Dmitri Bagh, Safe Software
Dale Lutz, Safe Software