Extend the Value of Your BIM (& Revit) Data with FME: Part 2

In the first webinar, you saw how FME users around the world are maximizing the potential of their BIM Data. By enabling you to extract, convert, and validate BIM data, FME extends the value of BIM by enabling it to be used in more places, in more ways, by more people.

Join us for the step-by-step process, with a special focus on Revit examples, that demonstrates how to:

  • Optimize Revit Models
  • Extract and simplify floor plans
  • Extract attributes from Revit for use in spreadsheets
  • Utilize the latest Native Revit Reader updates in FME
  • Automate BIM Workflows

With QA throughout the webinar, you'll be able to get all your BIM questions answered.

Webinar Details

Broadcast on November 4th, 2020

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Andrea Eisma
Dave Campanas
Dale Lutz