Extend the Value of Your BIM Data with FME: Part 1

BIM contains useful data that can be shared, analyzed, and stored for project management and efficiency purposes.

However, the information stored often doesn’t get used to its full potential because of the complexity of BIM workflows and interoperability with other formats and applications.

That’s where FME comes in. FME extends the value of BIM data by enabling it to be used in more places, in more ways, by more people.

In this webinar, we’ll share real case studies of how BIM users around the world are maximizing its potential.

You'll see how FME users are accomplishing common BIM transformation tasks like:

  • Extracting & converting BIM data to share, analyze and store across hundreds of formats
  • Transforming, integrating, and validating BIM
  • Automating BIM workflows

Amplify your data by combining the power of BIM with the power of FME.

Webinar Details

Broadcast on October 21st, 2020

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Dave Campanas
Jovita Chan
Dale Lutz