Everything you Want to Know About the FME Community (and Hackathon)

Have you heard the news? We have a brand new customer community coming to safe.com. This redesigned space will be a one-stop-shop for everything FME, including product support, general learning, connecting with other users, and more!

We know that learning a tool as robust as FME can be overwhelming. That’s why we wanted to create a welcoming space for FME newcomers, fanatics, and experts alike, where they can get the support they need to achieve amazing things with FME.

Join this webinar and see how this fun-loving community can expedite your FME learning with updates like:

  • New ways to see your support cases and respond online
  • More ways to celebrate your FME victories (plus new badging, scoring/leaderboard, and a community Champs profile page)
  • Upcoming group functionality so you can connect with users in your region or around a particular subject

We’ll also announce our upcoming Hackathon – it’s a webinar you won’t want to miss!

Webinar Details

Broadcast on August 6th, 2020

Brian Pont
Mark Ireland