Ask Me Anything About Data Integration

Industries and enterprises worldwide produce massive amounts of data. Ideally, this data is used to make business decisions, provide better customer service, and streamline operations.

Unfortunately, many companies are not able to utilize their data’s full potential because it’s hard to access, in the wrong formats, is too large to work with, or too complicated to move between departments.

The solution? Data integration.

Data integration is done by using a specialized tool or program. FME is the data integration tool with the best support for spatial data worldwide. It helps thousands of organizations integrate over 450 systems and applications.

If you have questions about data integration, FME, or want industry predictions, this is the webinar for you! These webinars are always an audience favourite. You can come on the air to ask our experts questions or type them in throughout the webinar. See you there!

Webinar Details

Broadcast on December 9th, 2020

Dale Lutz
Don Murray
Christian Berger
Laura Wu
Megan Taylor