8 Ways Utility Networks Can Meet Data Demands

Having a data integration plan is crucial for a successful distribution network, whether it’s for electrical, natural gas, or water utilities. Automated integration processes can preserve data quality, save time, and make information access effortless for everyone.

In this webinar, we’ll showcase 8 ways real utility organizations are using FME to integrate and deliver information for tasks like:

  • Asset management
  • Emergency and risk management
  • Design and planning
  • Ensuring data quality
  • Migrating data to other systems (ie. Esri Utility Network)
  • UAV data collection and AR data visualization

By automatically keeping systems and information up-to-date, you can gain significant time and cost savings, and enable actionable decision-making.

Webinar Details



Broadcast on July 28th, 2021

Mark Stoakes
Trent Kading