FME Server 2018 REST API Training


The FME Server REST API training is a brand new course that teaches FME users how to master the FME Server REST API and build their own web applications to solve data challenges. This course will teach users what the REST API is, how to use it, and how to build custom web applications that leverage the power of FME. The course is made up of two sections.

Interacting with the FME Server REST API

  • Getting Started with the REST API
  • Using an HTTP Caller to make calls to the FME Server
  • Interacting with Workspaces
  • Web Services and the REST API
  • Complex Queries in Postman
  • Server Administration Tasks
  • Job Routing

Developing with the FME Server REST API

  • Best Practises when Building a Web Application
  • Creating a Dynamically Populated Form
  • Data Distribution using Google Maps
  • Data Visualization using ArcGIS
  • Data Uploads and Downloads
Learning Objectives
  • Integrate the FME Server REST API into a workspace
  • Build web applications to view data or process data
  • Manage the FME Server automatically via the FME Server REST API

This course is designed for users who have experience using FME. It is recommended to have previously taken the FME Desktop Basic and FME Server Authoring courses, or at least the Getting Started with FME Desktop and FME Server tutorials. No previous coding experience or experience with APIs is required before taking this course.