FME Server Administration Training Course 2017


Assumes experience with FME Server. It is recommended to have completed the FME Server Authoring Course, and be familiar with the concepts covered in the FME Server Workflow Management Course. Completion of the FME Desktop Basic and Advanced Courses are not necessary, but are suggested to gain an understanding of the basic concepts and practices for FME. Knowledge of enterprise level security and IT configurations is helpful, but not required.


Your enterprise needs a hero. Do you have what it takes? An FME Server administrator has control over important tasks like optimization, security, and installations. Learn what administration options are available in FME Server and how to modify them to design the most effective deployment for your needs. You'll learn how to monitor the health of FME Server and its components, plus how to troubleshoot problems.

Learning Objectives
  • Plan for Fault Tolerance and Scalability
  • Optimize FME Server performance
  • Enhance FME Server security
  • Monitor system health
  • Debug and troubleshoot problems