FME 2019 and Esri Utility Network Migration Training


Learn how to use the essential components and capabilities of FME, with a focus on Esri Utility Network Migration. With hands-on, problem-solving exercises, the training will help students become efficient users of FME, and direct you to Network Utility Migration FME workspace templates.

  • Day 1: FME Basics. The focus is on becoming productive in FME Workbench 2019. Good for users with little or no experience with FME or users who are upgrading from older versions of FME
  • Day 2: Key FME Transformers. The focus is on transformation tools used in the Utility Network Migrations
  • Day 3: Utility Network Simple Migrations
  • Day 4: Utility Network Basic Migrations
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the fundamentals of using FME Workbench
  • View and inspect data using the FME Data Inspector
  • Apply best practices to large workspaces
  • Understand transformers used in the Network Utility Migration workspaces for Simple (Gas & Water) and Basic (Electric) migrations
  • Understand the flow of data in the Network Utility migration workspaces
  • Learn how to update the example migration workspaces for new ArcGIS datasets or data models

No prior FME experience is required. This course assumes a basic familiarity with the Esri Utility Network and Esri Asset Package.