Esri ArcGIS and FME Desktop 2015 (Advanced)

Audience / Prerequisites

This course is intended for proficient users of FME who wish to focus on translations and transformations relating to Esri-format data such as Geodatabase, and Esri data structures specifically for use in ArcGIS. It assumes a proficiency with FME Desktop comparable to the standard FME Desktop Basic Training Course, plus experience with using Esri ArcGIS and familiarity with the concepts and capabilities of ArcGIS Geodatabases.

Note: In order for this course to be hands-on, you must have a current license of ArcGIS in addition to FME. If you don't have a license of ArcGIS, you can still watch the demos, listen to the instruction, and follow along with the course manual.


This course covers the reading and writing of Esri format datasets in an FME translation. It goes beyond basic reading and writing to include information on how to handle some of the more complex Esri geometry types and functionality. The outline is:

  • Geodatabase Readers and Writers
    • An overview of formats, versions, and compatibility
  • Handling Annotation
    • Using FME to read or write annotation, including Multi-part and Feature-Linked annotation
  • Domains and Subtypes
  • Geometric Networks
  • Relationship Classes
  • ArcGIS Attachments
  • Database Transformers
  • Metadata
  • Integration of FME and ArcGIS
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the different combinations of FME and ArcGIS technology
  • Carry out translations including a subtype or domain
  • Carry out translations including a geometric network and/or relationship classes
  • Read and write ArcGIS annotation
  • Read and write Relationship classes
  • Read, write and update ArcGIS metadata
  • Read non-Esri formats in ArcGIS and do Quick Imports and Quick Exports.