Create Data Integration Apps (2021)


In this FME Server training course, we'll show you how to save time by turning your FME workspaces into self-serve data integration applications.

You will learn how to build workspaces in FME Workbench that can be used to create applications accessible by end-users. You can customize these applications so the user doesn't need an FME Server account, or even know they are using FME at all!

This two-day course builds on basic knowledge of FME Server. It assumes you know how to publish a workspace, log in to FME Server, and run a workspace. More advanced Server functionality, including using Automations, will be covered in a future course.

Learning Objectives

After completing this training, you'll be able to:

  • Employ users parameters to give end-users control over how a workspace runs.
  • Share data and connections within FME Server.
  • Create an FME Server web app.
  • Create an FME Server gallery app.
Course Materials

This course uses a modified version of the Getting Started with FME Desktop and Getting Started with FME Server tutorials.
The content shown may not match the tutorial, but the concepts remain the same.


This course assumes a basic understanding of FME Workbench, such as that provided by the Integrate Data with the FME Platform trail or the FME Desktop Basic course. It also assumes a basic understanding of using FME Server, such as that provided by the Publish Workflows to the Web trail or the first day of the FME Server Authoring course.