Connect Data to Cityworks


This course explores the FME Platform as a data and application integration tool for Cityworks workflows. Learn key FME capabilities that you can apply to Cityworks as well as other system integrations such as FME Server Apps and Automations, HTTP requests and webhooks, and database interactions - all through hands-on exercises and scenarios.

This course covers:

  • FME Platform Concepts: Data Integration and Application Integration
  • REST integrations with Cityworks
  • Database integrations with Cityworks
  • Workflow Automation with FME Server
Learning Objectives


  • Create and manage web connections
  • Send requests to the Cityworks REST API
  • Receive and parse webhook triggers using FME
  • Automate workflows in FME Server
  • Create FME Server Apps and Projects to share workflows
  • Use database change detection for Cityworks integrations

Some familiarity with FME Desktop and Cityworks is recommended. Cityworks and FME Platform access will be provided.