Safe Software makes access to our FME Community and training programs free for all FME users. Safe Software’s one-to-one Customer Support is available for customers on active maintenance or subscription for supported versions of the FME platform. If you purchased maintenance through one of our Partners, please contact them directly for Customer Support.

Our support channels can be accessed from our support homepage. These may be updated from time to time at Safe's sole discretion.

In Scope

The following issues are included in Customer Support:

Note: How-to questions are limited to general inquiries about the FME Platform. Workflow design, optimization, and best practices are considered outside of the scope of Customer Support. If further assistance is needed, we recommend leveraging the FME Community or consulting with our Partners.

Out of Scope

The following types of issues are not included in Customer Support:

Customers may submit a support case for any issue encountered. However, cases involving unsupported environments or configurations may significantly impact Safe’s ability to respond and resolve such cases.

Support Hours

Customer Support is offered during business hours from 8am - 5pm Pacific Time on Monday through Friday (excluding recognized Canadian holidays, as applicable).

Priority Levels

The following definitions are used by Customer Support to classify and prioritize cases:

Priority Level Definition
P1 A production environment of the FME Platform is completely inoperable or inaccessible to all users.
P2 Issues which cause severe performance loss or features not operating as documented, that affect a majority of users.
P3 Issues which cause performance loss or features not operating as documented, that affect a minority of users.
P4 How-to questions, issues which cause performance loss or features not operating as documented, that affect a small minority of users.

Target Response Times

The response times listed below are targets for initial response or guidance, not a guarantee for resolution.

Priority Response Time
P1 1 business day
P2 2 business days
P3 3 business days
P4 5 business days

Supported Versions

Safe Software provides technical product support on each version of the FME Platform for a period of 3 years from the public release date. During this period, Safe Software will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a Customer with assistance to address technical product issues. Any fixes will typically be released in the latest version or in a future version and may require the user to upgrade to the latest version. FME versions that are older than 3 years from their public release date are considered retired releases and are no longer supported.

Only the current year’s releases will be assessed for potential security issues. We recommend that all customers update their FME version at least once every year to keep up with all security and product fixes.

Note: All support is provided “as-is” and with no warranties, including any warranty of fitness for use. All templates, demos, and other information provided are non-exclusive.

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