X and Y Mark the Spot, but on What Map? Dealing With Custom Coordinate Systems in FME

Custom coordinates systems are used extensively throughout the Energy and Construction industry and often poorly understood. Combine this with the fact that different teams within Suncor often need the same geospatial data in different coordinate systems. As a result, software needs these custom coordinate systems to be added (in a variety of ways) in order to do this work. And with exponentially increasing data sizes from drones and other remote sensing platforms, FME is arguably the best software to convert large volumes of spatial data from one coordinate system to another. Luckily FME offers multiple ways to add custom coordinate systems. This presentation will showyou a couple of simple ways to add custom coordinate systems to FME.
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Alonzo de la Cruz

Presenter Company:
Suncor Energy Inc.

FME World Fair 2021