Who Wants to be a Data Extraordinaire

Welcome to the premiere of the biggest, most exciting, data-filled carnival game that anyone has ever seen! The rules are simple. By correctly answering 8 multiple choice questions, contestants have the chance* to win big, and could leave the carnival with prizes galore and data bragging rights to show off in the carnival fairgrounds. Do you have the knowledge and courage to be the biggest Data Extraordinaire at the FME World Fair? Step right up and show us what you've got! There are 3 lifelines to help contestants reach the Prize Swag Pack: Ask The Attendees, Phone a Safer, and 50/50. With so many different types of data, questions may range from Excel basics, to remote sensing, to FME data integration. Its a wide world of data and anything goes at the FME World Fair! Tune in to learn new facts and to test your own data knowledge you might just win a prize** as well!
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Mark Ireland

Presenter Company:
Safe Software

FME World Fair 2021